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Easter Egg Dyeing: Super Simple Science

Hey guys! My kids love when it’s time to pull out the plastic eggs. They hide them around the house, fill them with small toys or other loose parts, we put snacks in them for the car, etc. They also love dyeing Easter eggs and have been ready to for at least a month now. We have always done the natural dye route and this week we are making our dye. This year I decided I would pair it with a paper-pencil learning activity. I made a quick chart in their journals. Basically, 3 columns with headers: Food Used (where they can write or draw the food item that we will be using), My Color Guess (they guess what color the egg will turn when placed in the dye), and Actual Color (the actual color the egg turns after we dye them). Make however many rows for food items you will using to dye your eggs. The goal of this activity is for them to hypothesize what colors they think the dye will turn the eggs.







Naturally, my kids think blueberries will turn the eggs blue, and cranberries will turn eggs red. So we filled in our chart and will write down our actual findings after the eggs are dyed.

To make our dye we will be using cranberries, blueberries, spinach, parsley, turmeric, chili powder, red beets, red cabbage, and brewed coffee. Naturally dyeing Easter eggs is fun and a great learning activity for science and math. To incorporate math, kids need to measure out 2 cups of water and 2 cups of whatever food item we are using (when using spices we do about 3 tablespoons). They also measure out about a tablespoon of vinegar for each one. This is also a great activity for little ones to practice fine motor skills. Tearing spinach leaves and mashing blueberries and cranberries are great for using those small hand muscles.


This is what we have so far and will work on making more today. 20180327_073744

First on our list is making snow eggs and decorating with our leftover dye. Pics to come later!

What’s your EDventure this week?




Hello, I am former elementary teacher, now homeschool mom of 2. My true passions are my family and teaching and I love being able to do both. I have also been a brain workout trainer and a nature school facilitator. We are a nature-loving family that enjoy learning by playing, creating, cooking, crafting, reading, building, and more.

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